Newsletter | September 3, 2020

09.03.20 -- Let's Talk About Wi-Fi 6E -- The 6 GHz Wi-Fi Standard

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The Wi-Fi 6 Revolution Wakeup Call For Your Test Strategy

The IEEE 802.11ax amendment (Wi-Fi 6) focuses on greater efficiency in wireless connectivity. While key attributes of this improved efficiency directly improve traditional Wi-Fi applications, these attributes will largely affect higher-density applications such as large offices, airports, and outdoor stadiums. 

First Steps In 5G Overcoming New Radio Device Design Challenges Series

5G networks promise faster and more reliable communication that will open doors to exciting applications, but they will also bring new challenges in its design and testing. This white paper is the first installment of a four-part white paper series that explores the new radio standard and considerations for addressing new challenges in designing and testing 5G devices.

How To Design Base Station (Or Microcell) Antenna Arrays For 5G Wireless Networks

This white paper describes a simulation workflow in Ansys HFSS used to design 5G base station (or microcell) arrays. It looks to tackle problems related to the antenna’s beamforming capabilities that use MIMO techniques, and describes modeling techniques used for mm-wave antenna arrays before their deployment on a microcell or base station.

LTE And 5G NR Propagation In A Suburban Environment Using Wireless InSite 3D Ray Tracing

Penn State University is located in State College, Pennsylvania, a suburban city that contains several LTE sites. This simulation shows the coverage prediction from its existing LTE sites in the downtown area.

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Bypass Capacitor Kit For MMIC Amplifiers Presentation

High frequency MMIC amplifiers with broadband gain need to be protected from RF noise on the supply lines, particularly RF energy coupled back into the device from its output. Supply noise creates challenges in RF systems where it can mix with RF signals, impacting signal/noise ratios and potentially causing spurious output. Avoiding this requires the use of a bypass capacitor that provides an efficient path to ground for RF energy on the supply line before it enters a gain stage. 

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