News | April 10, 2014

L-com Launches TS-9 Coax Connector And Antennas


L-com will now be offering TS-9 Plug Crimp Connectors as well as two new HyperLink® Range Extender Antennas. TS-9 Plug Crimp Connectors are uncommonly found among large wireless distributors.

North Andover, MA (PRWEB) - L-com, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that they will now be offering TS-9 Plug Crimp Connectors as well as two new HyperLink® Range Extender Antennas (which feature TS-9 Connectors). The TS-9 crimp connector is a small coax connector that is commonly used with cellular phone products and not generally found among large wireless distributors.

“Since the TS-9 is typically a hard-to-find connector, we’re excited that we can provide a solution for those customers who need it,” said Kenneth Burgner, Product Manager.

The L-com 50 Ohm TS-9 coax connector, ATS9P-1100, is a TS-9 plug crimp connector that is designed for use with a low-loss 100-series cable such as L-com's CA-100. It can also be used with RG316, RG188 and RG174 cables. It features nickel-plated brass construction for maximum durability. In addition to being offered individually, the ATS9P-1100 is available through L-com’s on-line custom cable configurator for 100-Series low-loss cables.

L-com’s new HyperLink® range extender antennas,RE905U-TS9 and RE1903U-TS9, are ideal for use with 900 MHz cellular products that have external antenna ports and feature the TS-9 connector. These antennas help to increase the range that is typically offered by the internal antennas found in cellular products. Made for both indoor and outdoor applications, the antennas also feature a magnetic mounting system with attached four-foot cable.

Among a variety of cellular product applications, the TS-9 connector and the range extender antennas can be used with PC cards, mobile phones, wireless LAN products, laptops and more.

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