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08.25.22 -- KP Performance Antennas Launches New 8-Port Sector Antennas

Throughput Of A 5G New Radio FD-MIMO System In An Urban Area Using Custom Beamforming

This example demonstrates throughput analysis between three small-cell base stations employing FD-MIMO beamforming to user equipment (UE) moving along a route, using 5G New Radio in a dense urban environment.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Field Probe Configuration Guide

AR laser powered probe kits include: FL7XXX or PL7004 field probe, probe interface, mating adapters and 10 meter fiber-optic cable set. Download the brochure for more information on their configurations.

Filter Basics Part 6: Waveguides And Transmission Lines

Part 6 of this series expands on part 5 by covering more details on waveguides and transmission lines, including the different types of electromagnetic modes supported by each.

Paving The Way For 6G Commercialization

Bringing the first phases of 6G technologies to market by 2030 starts with ensuring that early research doesn’t become fragmented. The entire 6G ecosystem must work together, as 5G has done, and starting now, to avoid the obstacles experienced with previous generations and pave a clear path to commercialization.

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Video: Boonton Test Solutions For Pulsed Power Measurements

Offering up to 16 automatic pulse measurements and enabling measurement focus on specific portions, Boonton solutions, including the PMX40 RF power meter, USB RF power sensors with RTPP technology coupled, and the RTP Series Measurement Buffer Mode Application, provide the performance metrics and measurement windows needed to accurately test pulse or burst signals.

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Fully Tuned Or mmWave Testing Solutions

Rohde & Schwarz has driven innovation in RF technology for wideband analysis in the mm-wave range, microwave amplifier testing, characterization with modulated signals, on-waver characterization, group delay, phase noise or radar transmitter testing. Whether for the lab, production, or field applications Rohde and Schwarz test and measurement solutions support you at every step.

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Assembly With 10 RF Switches: 75SA-030

The 75SA-030 is a 10-switch assembly from JFW Industries.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
High-Performance Front-End Module: SKY66408-11

The SKY66408-11 is a high-performance, fully integrated RF front-end module (FEM) designed for Zigbee, Thread, and Bluetooth (including Low Energy) applications.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Discrete Transistor: QPD2025D

Qorvo's QPD2025D is a discrete 250-micron pHEMT which operates from DC to 20 GHz. The QPD2025D is designed using Qorvo's proven standard 0.25um power pHEMT production process. 

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5G Microwave Upconverter/Downconverter (24 GHz to 29.5 GHz): ADMV1128

The ADMV1128 is a silicon on isolator (SOI), microwave, upconverter and downconverter optimized for 5G radio designs operating in the 24 GHz to 29.5 GHz frequency range.

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