Newsletter | June 23, 2022

06.23.22 -- Introducing A Transceiver That Can Tap Into The Higher Frequency Bands Of 5G Networks

Capacitors In Space: Specifications For High-Reliability

From in-flight systems to power supplies, every single system contributes to the success of a space project, so they must maintain high quality and safety standards for long durations. Building and maintaining high-reliability applications is an expensive endeavor, especially if the team needs to send parts back to the ground for repair.

5G Technology Devices For An O-RAN Wireless Solution

O-RAN was created as a catalyst to transform the wireless community, to enable new channels of wireless equipment, and to enable innovation to fulfill the promises made by 3GPP about 5G.1 To be successful and cost-effective, open sources of radio equipment and optimized 5G technology devices must be available.

Digital Isolation Techniques And Uses

Digital isolation devices were created to meet safety regulations while maximizing the benefits of modern CMOS technology by harnessing semiconductor process technology to create either transformers, or capacitors to transfer data instead of light. With this technology, performance and feature integration are both improved.

Designer’s Journey: Navigating The Transition To Versal ACAP

To support ever-increasing computational challenges in radar, engineers must consider new innovative design approaches to meet real-time performance expectations. Utilizing new technology, it's now possible to solve the most advanced radar, cognitive EW and AI challenges, all on a single board.

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Webinar: Smart Home Device Design And WiFi Connectivity Using EM Simulation

Recent advances in smart devices and communication technologies offer a variety of innovative smart home solutions. The smart home concept includes establishing reliable links between various devices including speakers, thermostats, doorbells, and cameras.

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Video: What Do You Want To Measure – Peak Power Or Average Power?

Peak power and average power measurements are vital in achieving proper performance of advanced communications systems and components. In this video, learn about the nuances regarding peak and average power terminology to ensure the reliability and accuracy of RF power measurements and related metrics.

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CEPTOR-GEO Environmentally Rated Monitoring/Direction Finding System

The R&S CEPTOR enables a central control station to manage multiple networked receivers. Knowing operational flexibility is key, R&S CEPTOR enables the operator to assign mission specific assignments to independent receivers. The operator is provided a common visual of all EMS activity within a receiver’s area of interest providing instant identification of RF events of interest.

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Commercial 8GHz Solid State RF Switches

JFW has added a line of 50 Ohm solid-state RF switches that operate 20MHz to 8GHz. These commercially rated models are ideal for constructing low cost RF testbeds for automated testing. The switches are controlled with TTL control lines.  The switches can hot switch up to +26dBm with typical isolation of 55dB at 8GHz.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
GaN Power Amplifier Module: QPA3908

The QPA3908 is an integrated 2-stage Power Amplifier Module designed for massive MIMO applications with 8 W RMS at the device output covering frequency range from 3.7 to 3.98 GHz.

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Broadband Solid-State Microwave Amplifier: 80000SP1z2G1z4

The Model 80000SP1z2G1z4 is a self-contained, forced-air-cooled, broadband solid-state microwave amplifier designed for pulse applications at low duty factors where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. 

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