Inmarsat Antennas

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Inmarsat Antennas
INMARSAT antennas have been manufactured and delivered since 1987
INMARSAT antennas have been manufactured and delivered since 1987. Standard "A" and "B" Ship Earth Station (SES) antennas are offered; these mount to stable platforms aboard oceangoing vessels. Low-cost, fixed-site and transportable antennas are also offered. For INMARSAT Standard "C", "M" and "Mini-M" terminals, omnidirectional and moderate-gain antennas of several types are also available.
In general, all INMARSAT antennas can be used to downlink GOES satellite data.
All INMARSAT antennas operate with right-hand circular polarization. The uplink frequency band is 1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz and the downlink frequency band is 1525.0 - 1559.0 MHz. All Seavey Engineering antennas are tested and certified for compliance with INMARSAT's strict gain, axial ratio and sidelobe envelope rolloff requirements.

Pictured above is: Model AS33-15C
Standard "A" 20dBic INMARSAT Antenna

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