Newsletter | November 12, 2020

11.12.20 -- Importance Of Mismatch Tolerance For Amplifiers Used In Susceptibility Testing

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XFdtd Analyzes Complex Beam Steering Antenna Arrays

In this article, Remcom demonstrates how XF’s superposition and array optimization features simplify the process for understanding device performance by providing efficient ways to validate array coverage.

Measurement Setup For Phase Noise Test At Frequencies Above 50 GHz

Recent semiconductor technologies require more of the frequency range beyond 50 GHz, especially in wideband applications, such as 802.11ad, microwave links, or automotive RADAR. Low phase noise is essential for these applications to work properly. However, test setups at these frequencies become difficult, especially when cross correlation of two receive paths is needed to suppress additional phase noise.

GaN Power Amplifiers: TGA2219-CP

The TGA2219-CP is a 3-stage GaN power amplifier that operates from 13.4-16.5 GHz, provides more than 25 W of saturated output power, and has greater than 27 dB of large signal gain. The device is available in a 15.2 x 15.2mm bolt-down package, and is ideally suited for satellite communications, data link, and radar applications.

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