Source: Interactive Circuits and Systems Ltd.

Multi-Channel Time-Domain DSP Board
The ICS-2200 board is a Sharp LHBDSP9124 based DSP board that has been designed to solve compute-intensive front-end DSP problems with a sustained computing power of up to 640 MOPs in one VMEbus slot.

Some features of this board are:
Multi-channel FIR filtering/decimation;
Complex demodulation;
Replica correlation;
Real/complex beamforming;
Inverse beamforming, etc.

The ICS-2200 board is available in single (ICS-2200B, which replaces ICS-2200S) and dual (ICS-2200D) versions. The latter includes a second DSP device on a daughter card. The SHARP DSP chip offers 24-bit data, 24-bit coefficients and 60-bit accumulation. The board includes four specially designed hardware sequencers that control the operation of the board and manage the data flow. The I/O memories are dual-banked to allow apeturing or arbitrary selection of channel data for processing. The coefficient memories are also dual-banked to allow parameter updates without interrupting processing.

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