Newsletter | June 17, 2021

06.17.21 -- GaN Breaks Barriers: RF Power Amplifiers Go Wide And High

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Telecommunications Testing Using AR Amplifiers

This application note explores a number of testing requirements for telecommunication devices and how to benefit from AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s products. The paper will cover two broad categories of device testing – characterization and reliability – within mid to high power systems.

Meet Safety Requirements At Higher Voltages With New Safety-Certified MLCCs

In general, there are two classes of capacitors, Class-X and Class-Y, that are both used to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in different applications. 

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Webinar: XFdtd’s Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation For TVS Diode ESD Protection

Remcom’s XFdtd empowers ESD engineers to simulate TVS diodes and finalize protection circuitry for their products in the early stages of design. This improves product reliability and lowers cost by reducing the design engineering cycle time. In this webinar, learn how XFdtd's transient EM/circuit co-simulation effectively resolves ESD vulnerabilities earlier in the design process and prevents future certification setbacks.

Non-Linear And Noise Modeling Of A 0.15um GaN Die Family

This slide show focuses on advanced models developed for a family of 0.15 um GaN die addressing both low noise and high power applications.

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Webinar: Back To The Basics With AR

Join AR on July 8, 2021 for a full day virtual webinar event that covers the fundamentals of EMC testing. 

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0.5 To 18 GHz 50 Ohm Directional Coupler: 50C-070-XX

The 50C-070-XX from JFW is a wideband directional coupler designed to operate from 500 MHz to 18 GHz and is rated for 50 Watts of RF input power.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Three-Path USB And LAN Diode Power Sensors: R&S NRPxxS/SN

The R&S NRPxxS/SN family of three-path USB and LAN diode power sensors combine accurate and uncomplicated power measurements as well as simple operation on a base unit or a laptop/PC. They are ideal for use in production, R&D, and calibration labs, as well as for installation and maintenance tasks.

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Fixed Attenuators: ATN3590 Series

Skyworks offers the ATN3590 series of fixed resistive attenuators designed as integrated circuits comprising thin film resistors and through-die vias that provide excellent attenuation flatness from low frequency to 40 GHz or higher. 

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Corry Micronics offers a wide variety of electro-mechanical assembly services.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
5G Urban Small-Cell Analysis

With a tremendous increase in the number of connected devices and mobile data demand predicted over the next decade, the wireless communications industry is exploring new technologies to accommodate 5G wireless data systems, including MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) technology and millimeter wave frequency bands.  

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Remcom, Inc.
Digitally Tunable, High-Pass And Low-Pass Filter: ADMV8913

The ADMV8913 is a fully monolithic microwave integrated circuit that that features a digitally selectable frequency of operation. The device has an integrated high-pass filter and an integrated low-pass filter, that allow a pass-band response within the 7 to 12 GHz frequency range.

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Analog Devices