Newsletter | July 7, 2022

07.07.22 -- Filter Basics Part 6: Waveguides And Transmission Lines

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What Really Matters? ESD Specifications For Smartphone Antenna Tuners

Antenna tuners in smartphones, like other electronic components, must be able to withstand electrostatic discharge (ESD) at every stage from device manufacturing and smartphone assembly to consumer use. However, confusion exists about the level of ESD protection required at each stage. 

Clock Skew In Large Multi-GHz Clock Trees

This article identifies several areas of concern in the design process, manufacturing process, and application environment that can cause clock skews of 1 ps or more. With regards to these areas of concern, several recommendations, examples, and rules of thumb will be provided to help the reader gain an intuitive feel for the root cause and magnitude of clock skew errors.

How To Speak Radar: Basic Fundamentals And Applications

The evolution of radar has grown steadily over the decades to its present level that employs sophisticated computerized techniques which has stimulated the development of increasingly complex components. This white paper provides a basic introduction to radar technologies and to the application of radar equipment.

Inexpensive Scalar Measurement Of A Band Pass Filter Or Other Passive Component

See the attenuation curve of a typical band pass filter measured using this test setup. This test setup may be used to measure other passive devices such a band reject, high pass, low pass, and stop band filters as well as fixed attenuators, pads, step attenuators, insertion loss of cable assemblies, etc.

R&S RTP Oscilloscope Product Guide

The R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscope combines high-class signal integrity with a fast acquisition rate. Customized frontend ASIC and real-time processing hardware enable highly accurate measurements with unprecedented speed in a compact form factor.

Data Center Trends Driving The Next Wave In Timing Innovation

Data centers are increasingly important in many aspects of our lives, enabling information storage on a vast service as well as cloud services and emerging artificial intelligence systems. To continue supporting the rapid pace of new innovations and applications being run in the cloud, architects and hardware designers must continue to expand bandwidth within the servers, storage equipment and switching networks within data centers.

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Video: Measuring The True Noise Floor Of A Holzworth Phase Noise Analyzer (Part 1)

The Holzworth HA7000 Series Real Time Phase Noise Analyzers provide a noise floor approximation like competitive designs, but also have the unique ability to measure the true noise floor of the analyzer itself. In Part 1, learn about the basics and importance of noise floor, as well as phase noise measurement capabilities from Holzworth and the T&M industry.

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Auto-Radar Drive Scenario Simulation: Increasing Realism With Multipath, Diffuse Scattering, And Micro-Doppler

Learn how Remcom’s WaveFarer Radar Simulation Software uses ray-tracing to simulate virtual drive scenarios and predict radar returns as a system moves through an environment with vehicles, roadway structures, pedestrians, and other objects.

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AR Antennas

AR's antennas are available up to 50 GHz and 15,000 W of input power. All AR antennas develop high fields, suitable for EMC testing; and many models can be calibrated for emissions testing.

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Non-Blocking Matrix Switch: 50MS-426

JFW's 50MS-426 is a 50 Ohm non-blocking matrix switch operating 350-6000MHz. The switch can be remotely controlled via Ethernet or RS-232 connection, and the IP settings can be manually set via the front panel display.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
SP4T Switch For LTE Applications: QPC8013Q

The QPC8013Q is a low loss, high isolation SP4T switch with performance optimized for LTE and diversity applications. The QPC8013Q is packaged in an ultra compact 1.1 mm x 1.9 mm x 0.44 mm, 13-pin, Module package which allows for the smallest solution size with no need for external DC blocking capacitors (when no external DC is applied to the device ports).

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GRF5508/10 ¼W Power Amplifiers Deliver The Ultimate In Native Linearity

Guerrilla RF introduces the GRF5508 and GRF5510, two of 10 new ¼ W linear power amplifiers being released as part of the company’s expansion into the cellular market. These new InGaP HBT amplifiers are designed specifically for 5G/4G wireless infrastructure applications requiring exceptional native linearity over temperature extremes of -40°C to 85°C.

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Guerrilla RF