News | July 28, 2010

Field Generation Test System From AR Is Fully-Shielded To Prevent EMI Interference

Source: AR

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has designed a complete field generation test system that is fully shielded, making it ideal for use in an anechoic chamber without being susceptible to or causing interference.

Model AS18013 houses a variety of field generation equipment in two air-conditioned EMI-shielded equipment racks. Among the included equipment is the SC1000M3 system controller which allows manual and remote signal routing of RF signals to and from up to four amplifiers, including feedback from dual directional couplers. An additional control room rack cabinet of desk configuration is also provided to house the field measurement and antenna height control equipment.

Equipment housed in the two shielded racks includes:

  • Model 240S1G4M4 Solid State Amplifier, 0.8–4.2 GHz, 240 Watts CW (Rack 2)
  • Model 200T2G8AM2 Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier, 2.5–7.5 GHz, 200 Watts CW (Rack 1)
  • Model 300T7z5G18M4 Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier, 7.5–18 GHz, 300 Watts CW (Rack 2)
  • Model SC1000M3, System Controller, DC–18 GHz (Rack 1)
  • Model PM2003 Threechannel Power Meter
  • Model PH2010 Power Heads, 30MHz–40GHz
  • Model FM7004M1, Field Monitor (Control room desk)
  • Model FP7060/Kit Field Probe, 27 MHz–60 GHz, 0.7–300 V/m
  • Signal Generator, 100 kHz–40 GHz,
  • Model DC7144A Dual Directional Coupler, 0.8–4.2 GHz, 400 Watts (Rack 2)
  • Model DC7280A Dual Directional Coupler, 2–8 GHz, 350 Watts (Rack 1)
  • Model DC7450M1 Dual Directional Coupler, 7.5–18 GHz, 3000 Watts (Rack 2)
  • Model ATH800M5GA High Gain Horn Antenna, 0.8 – 5 GHz, 1500 Watts
  • Model ATH2G8 High Gain Horn Antenna, 2.5–7.5 GHz, 2800 Watts
  • Model ATH7G18 High Gain Horn Antenna, 7.5–18 GHz, 2800 Watts
  • All internal Interconnect cables between system components
  • 21 in (53.34 cm) rack space available for user installed equipment (Rack 1)
  • Emco Model 2090 Antenna Controller (Control room desk)
  • Emco Model 2070 Antenna Tower
  • Desktop PC, preloaded with SW1007software
  • Color laser printer

The AS18013 System can be upgraded to expand the frequency coverage to 40 GHz. The AS18013-UG-40 upgrade consists of the following products:

  • Model 40T18G26AM2 Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier, 18 – 26.5 GHz, 40 Watts CW (Rack 2)
  • Model 40T26G40AM2 Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier, 26.5 – 40 GHz, 40 Watts CW (Rack 2)
  • Model SC1000M4 System Controller, DC – 40 GHz (Rack 1)
  • Model DC7530 Dual Directional Coupler, 18 – 26.5 GHz, 300 Watts (Rack 2)
  • Model DC7620 Dual Directional Coupler, 26.5 – 40 GHz, 300 Watts (Rack 2)
  • Model ATH18G27 High Gain Horn Antenna. 18 – 26.5 GHz, 350 Watts
  • Model ATH26G40 High Gain Horn Antenna, 26.5 – 40 GHz, 240 Watts
  • All internal interconnect cables between system components

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