Newsletter | November 23, 2004

11.23.04 -- Featured Download: APLAC 8.00 Student Version
Featured Download
APLAC 8.00 Student Version

Download the student version of the APLAC RF Design Tool Version 8.00, which combines RFIC and analog simulation with a broad range of functions for circuit analysis and optimization. This Windows installation package contains APLAC simulation and schematic editor programs, as well as netlist converters. PDF manuals are also included in the software package.

Top News Stories
Radcom, Comarco Partner On Next-Generation Cellular Testing Solution
Agilent Centralizes Wireless Systems Operations in Singapore, Malaysia
Provigent SoC Doubles Wireless Channel Capacity
Direct Conversion Modulator Boosts 3G Basestation Transmitter Performance
FCC Approves First Software Defined Radio
New Wideband LNA Module From Hittite Spans 2 To 20 GHz
Dual RF Power Detector Delivers 80dB Dynamic Range At 900 MHz
Can Automotive Bluetooth Outgrow Its Telephony Niche?
Global UMTS TDD Alliance Surpasses 50 Members
GSM More Than Doubles Americas Customer Base In Last 12 Months
Featured Products
Ultra-Broadband Capacitors
The 540L Series High-Frequency Ultra-Broadband Capacitor (UBC) from American Technical Ceramics (ATC) provides low insertion loss performance over multiple octaves of frequency spectrum. It is compatible with high speed automated pick and place SMT manufacturing. Downloadable product datasheet available. Request more information from ATC on this product.

Power Entry Modules
Corry Micronics' power entry modules are housed in a metal case for high performance, and ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations. Their rugged construction enables them to perform in the harshest industrial environments. Downloadable product catalog available. Request a quotation from Corry Micronics.

Directional Couplers
I.F. Engineering Corp. supplies a range of directional couplers. The three- and four-port couplers are available with 10, 15, and 20 dB coupling, and in frequencies ranging from .5 to 1000 MHz. Request more information from I.F. Engineering on this product.

Sonnet / Agilent ADS Interface
The Sonnet ebridge gives you a seamless translation capability between Sonnet and the Agilent EEsof ADS Layout tool. From within the ADS Layout package, you can directly create Sonnet geometry files with automatic ports. Downloadable video available. Request a demo license from Sonnet Software.

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Featured CD-ROM
Microwave Transmission Lines And Their Physical Realizations
By Steven L. March

Given the choice of transmission line styles and media for circuit and system construction, these CDs review the performance and design parameters of several alternative lines. The course details the necessary algorithms, their limitations, and their accuracy for fabricating components or subsystems using these transmission line media.

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