Newsletter | May 27, 2021

05.27.21 -- Engineers Harvest Wi-Fi Signals To Power Small Electronics

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Qorvo Technologies Diagnostic Testing Platform

Qorvo Biotechnologies is focused on the development of point-of-care (POC) diagnostics solutions. Their detection system represents a paradigm shift in diagnostic testing capability and is based on Qorvo’s high performance bulk acoustic wave (BAW) sensor technology. 

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Simulation Of Massive MIMO Beamforming In An Urban Small Cell

This webinar uses Wireless InSite’s MIMO simulation capability to predict the multipath and channel characteristics for a Massive MIMO system in an urban small cell.  Beamforming techniques are applied to the simulation results in order to predict the beams to several mobile devices and observe how the beams change as one device moves along a route through the city. 

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Wilkinson Power Dividers

Wilkinson dividers (3 dB per split) incorporating our low loss, high permittivity dielectric materials to provide small size and temperature stability.  The devices integrate thin film precision resistors and are offered for both solder surface mount (SMT) and chip and wire hybrid (WB) assembly applications.

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Knowles Precision Devices DLI
Power Detector (100MHz to 70GHz): LTC5597

The LTC5597 from Analog Devices is a Linear-in-dB RMS power detector with a 35dB dynamic range. The LTC5597 is a high accuracy RMS power detector that provides a very wide RF input bandwidth, from 100MHz up to 70GHz. This makes the device suitable for a wide range of RF and microwave applications, such as point-to-point microwave links, instrumentation and power control applications.

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Analog Devices
60 Watts CW Broadband Amplifier: 60S1G6

This self-contained, air-cooled broadband amplifier covers the 0.7 to 6 GHz frequency range and has a 60 watt output power. It’s ideal for applications that require instantaneous bandwidth and high gain.

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