News | October 21, 1998

Elanix Integrates SystemView with MATLAB

Source: Elanix, Inc.
Elanix, Inc.mpany%> has released a new library that integrates its SystemView system- level design tool with The MathWorks Inc.'s MATLAB software tool. This new library lets designers execute MATLAB M- and MEX-files as part of SystemView simulations. It also allows designers to import and export data between the two tools.

Through the new library, designers of digital signal processor (DSP) and wireless-communication applications can incorporate algorithms developed in MATLAB into SystemView simulations of complete systems. These algorithms may include custom functions developed by the designer or standard functions available from the many existing MATLAB and third-party libraries.

"Many of our customers use MATLAB for initial algorithm design prior to using SystemView to prototype the complete system," says Patrick Ready, president and CEO of Elanix. "This interface provides our users with the option of developing models for use in SystemView simulations either in MATLAB or C code. In addition, they will be able to take immediate advantage of the pre-existing MATLAB intellectual property (IP)."

The new SystemView library provides a set of special MATLAB tokens. These tokens allow SystemView to with MATLAB functions through a standard application-programming interface (API). The tokens can interact with any MATLAB function and may be configured to act as data sources and sinks or as executable blocks.

The SystemView MATLAB Library is priced at $1,495 and requires SystemView V. 2.1 or higher. Base SystemView configurations start at $3,495.