Newsletter | July 16, 2020

07.16.20 -- Design With PIN Diodes In Circuits

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Consistent SATCOM Gain And Flatness Performance With The AR-50

The AR Modular RF Model AR-50 Booster Amplifier provides superior up and downlink performance for enhancing UHF Satellite communications. Properly setting up the receive path will maximize the link quality and reliability.

Transceiver Testing By JFW Industries

JFW's family of RF test systems designed for transceiver testing connects multiple radios together in a closed mesh network configuration. Variable step attenuators allow you to dynamically fade up/down the RF signal between radios. Available in three different basic configurations to simulate almost any network topology (custom configurations available upon request).

KRYTAR Directional Coupler Primer

Directional couplers are passive devices used for sampling incident and reflected microwave power, conveniently and accurately, with minimal disturbance to the transmission line. They are used in many testing applications where power or frequency needs to be monitored, leveled, alarmed or controlled.

Glass Sidewall Packages Provide Performance For RF Applications

Glass sidewall packages achieve highest levels of hermeticity for hardware in space vacuums and extreme temperatures. Compared to ceramic, they deliver better RF performance thanks to their lower dielectric constant.

Qorvo Biotechnologies Sensor-Based Technology Provides Rapid Reference-Lab Quality Tests At Point-of-Care

This white paper describes Qorvo Biotechnologies’ Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) immunosensor detection platform designed for point-of-care applications and describes analytical and functional sensitivity testing on human Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (hTSH) as an example. 

Design With PIN Diodes In Circuits

The PIN diode is widely used in RF, UHF, and microwave circuits. At these types of frequencies, a PIN diode is fundamentally a device with an impedance controlled by its DC excitation. A unique feature of the PIN diode is its ability to control large amounts of RF power with much lower levels of DC. This application note describes the use of PIN diodes in circuit design.

Providing Narrowband IoT Coverage With Low Earth Orbit Satellites

This article describes the modeling of a SATCOM link, specifically the use case of using a satellite overlay to extend service continuity to IoT devices in a poorly covered rural area.

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Six Part Webinar Series On RF Fundamentals

Register for a six-part RF webinar series where Rohde & Schwarz technology experts will cover everything RF. The first webinar will start with a refresh on the basics of RF and later discuss transmission characteristics such as impedance. Additional topics will cover different types of RF components and their common measurements.

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eBook: FPGA’s And Software Defined Radio

High-speed RF processing for high-performance computing applications, as with software defined radio (SDR), require resources such as FPGAs to deliver the flexibility and accuracy needed in this space. Understanding FPGA options and data acquisition components can help developers optimize these application solutions.

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2500 Watt CW, 10 kHz To 225 MHz Solid-State, Broadband Amplifier
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Super Speed USB3.1 Filter Module Interfaces
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MiMo And SiSo Antenna: SENCITY RONDO
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