News | August 11, 2004

Corry Micronics Expands Frequency Range Of RF/Microwave Filters, Duplexers

Corry, PA -- Corry Micronics, Inc. has expanded its line of discrete resonator-based bandpass filters and duplexers to include frequencies from 300 MHz to 3.6 Ghz.

Filters are available in a wide range of configurations, ranging from 2-pole to 12-pole designs with diameters of 2 mm to 12 mm. These filters have excellent temperature stability, a higher Q than lumped element filters in comparable packages, and are available in low- to high-production quantities.

In addition to being ideal for commercial wireless applications (PCS, GSM, AMPS, DCS, IMT), customized filters can be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements.

Product information and technical data sheets are available at the Corry Micronics storefront. Product samples are also available and can normally be shipped within two weeks.

Source: Corry Micronics