Newsletter | February 23, 2023

02.23.23 -- COMSovereign's Fastback Radios Continue To Solve Critical Last-Mile Wireless Connectivity Challenges Enabling Rapid Network Expansion And Revenue Generation For Operators

Understanding Component EMC Testing for ICs

If you're producing integrated circuit (IC) products for electromagnetic environments, you must test and pass all the regulatory electromagnetic interference (EMI) and safety requirements. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing is performed to ensure these components can be used in the intended environment without failing, degrading, or causing other equipment to fail.

Mastering EVM: Optimizing Your Test Setup

We explore how to optimize your test setup by evaluating both the generator and analyzer specifications, as well as how to test to ensure the performance you require.

How Does Ultra-Wideband Work?

Qorvo's recently developed "Ultra-Wideband For Dummies" book is a quick guide to understanding the UWB basics along with the latest trends and applications.

The Race To 6G — Faster Networks And Devices Promise A World Of New Possibilities

Telecommunications offers a striking example of the rapidity of the electronics revolution. The move from 1G to 4G took a full decade. The pace of new technologies is accelerating, meaning that the time to 5G and 6G will be much shorter — it may be a little as three years until 6G is a reality.

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Auto-Radar Drive Scenario Simulation: Increasing Realism With Multipath, Diffuse Scattering, And Micro-Doppler

Learn how Remcom’s WaveFarer Radar Simulation Software uses ray-tracing to simulate virtual drive scenarios and predict radar returns as a system moves through an environment with vehicles, roadway structures, pedestrians, and other objects.

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Radiated And Conducted Immunity Test Requirements And Solutions

AR/RF Microwave Instrumentation has released its latest poster providing useful combinations of AR amplifiers, antennas, systems, and accessories based on both radiated and conducted immunity standards testing requirements. The recommendations contained in the poster provide the user with a good starting point for defining their testing needs.

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Blocking And Non-Blocking Matrix Switches For Automated Lab Testing

JFW has added two new 75-Ohm matrix switches. One is a non-blocking type featuring switches on both sides while the other, a non-blocking type, has switches on one half.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Si892x Isolated Amplifier

Si892x is a galvanically isolated analog amplifier ideal for measuring voltage across a current shunt resistor or for any place where a sensor must be isolated from the control system.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Jitter Noise Generator: J7000

The J7000A Series instruments high crest factor output is used as a random jitter source for serial data bus applications, including PCI Express Gen I & II, Serial ATA, and Fiber Channel. 

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Wireless Telecom Group
Enhanced 250Vac & 305Vac Capacitors

Knowles' latest enhanced range of Safety Certified capacitors complies with international UL/cUL and IEC/EN specifications to offer designers the option of using a surface mount ceramic multilayer capacitor to replace leaded film types.

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Knowles Precision Devices DLI