Newsletter | August 27, 2020

08.27.20 -- Building 5G Small Cells Without Compromising Performance

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Simplify Coexistence And Interference Testing For GNSS Receivers

The R&S SMW200A GNSS simulator offers an easy and convenient way to test your receiver design against a wide variety of potential interferers and jammers. Test cases extend from simple coexistence simulations to complex interference scenarios with localized emitters.

Introduction To Varactor Diodes

A varactor diode is a P-N junction diode that changes its capacitance and the series resistance as the bias applied to the diode is varied. This application note discusses the use of varactor diodes in a number of applications as well as their key features and parameters.

Don’t Stop With S-Parameters: 5 Essential VNA Measurements For Modern RF Devices

As devices become more highly integrated, complete characterization requires more than simple S-parameters. This white paper goes over some of the critical vector network analyzer (VNA) measurements you must master to prepare for the next generation of RF devices.

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5G For Manufacturing And Industry 4.0 - Propagation In A Warehouse Environment

With the expansion of 5G NR for mobile connectivity, industrial and manufacturing applications such as robotics, IoT, and smart factories with automation come into play. This video demonstrates how Wireless InSite predicts the coverage and interference and accounts for the multipath in complex environments such as heavy-industrial factories, warehouses, server farms and more.

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RF Conducted Immunity Testing Made Easy

Comtest Engineering provides a number of outstanding EMC shielding and test chambers supported by AR technologies.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
50 Watt Attenuator With 4.3/10 RF Connectors
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JFW Industries, Inc.
10.7 To 12.7 GHz, 35 Watt GaN Amplifier
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