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07.23.20 -- Bluetooth LE And UWB Wearable Tag Helps People Maintain Social Distancing

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RF Filter Terminology And Specifications

To choose the right filter for your application, you need to evaluate filter type, identify the filter technology that best suits your application, and ensure the filter meets your required specifications. This article dicusses terms commonly used to discuss filter type, technology, and specifications.

The Rebirth Of HF

HF, or “high frequency” technology, usually refers to signals with frequencies in the 3 MHz to 30 MHz range, all though, many practical cases extend these frequencies as low as 1.5 MHz. Government, military, and commercial broadcasters can reach listeners worldwide using HF frequencies. This paper explores the unique properties of HF that enable global communications.

Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

Corry Micronics can be your RF systems packaging integrator.

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5G For Manufacturing And Industry 4.0 - Propagation In A Warehouse Environment

With the expansion of 5G NR for mobile connectivity, industrial and manufacturing applications such as robotics, IoT, and smart factories with automation come into play. This video demonstrates how Wireless InSite predicts the coverage and interference and accounts for the multipath in complex environments such as heavy-industrial factories, warehouses, server farms and more.

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Qorvo Mobile Wi-Fi iFEM Infographic

Qorvo’s Mobile Wi-Fi iFEM device combines dozes of components into a single, integrated package to save space, time, and power in mobile applications.

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3 To 1000 MHz 75 Ohm Matrix Switch With 2 x 8 Blocking
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35 W, 2.0 To 6.0 GHz GaN MMIC Power Amplifier
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Wolfspeed, A Cree Company
Ka-Band Silicon Intelligent Gain Block
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Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
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1000 Watts CW, 10 kHz To 400 MHz Solid-State Amplifier
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PIN Limiter Diode Design Guide
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