Newsletter | October 22, 2020

10.22.20 -- Better Alternative For Measuring Linearity Of GaN Amplifiers

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Power Saving Methods for LTE-M And NB-IoT Devices

LTE-M and NB-IoT are LTE based internet of things (IoT) technologies that both require long battery life to ensure IoT services and minimize maintenance costs in the future. This white paper describes the possible power saving methods that can be applied to LTE-M and NB-IoT devices and offers guidelines on how to apply these power saving methods.

EMC 101

The purpose of this application note is to give background information to the reader about the basics of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), and how it relates to installations in the real world.

Choosing RF Switches For High-Power Applications

There are several types of switches for radio frequency applications to choose from. Picking the right switch is a question of figuring out what speed, power levels, and lifetime you need. 

Medical Imaging Quality Starts By Selecting The Right Components

MRI machines use a strong magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves to produce cross-sectional images. Thus, the quality of the MRI depends on the uniformity of the magnetic field and the radio components inside it.

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Webinar: New Advancements for mmWave Antenna Design in XFdtd

XFdtd includes a range of features to assist engineers in designing antennas for millimeter wave applications. This webinar demonstrates XF’s singularity correction which accurately captures highly varying fields at the edges of good conductors and the process for importing components and document layers of a PCB. We also demonstrate XF’s multi-port feature for representing RF tuners and switches in the Circuit Element Optimizer (CEO) along with other minor updates.

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30 To 3000 MHz 8-Port Transceiver Test System
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WaveFarer Automotive Radar Simulation Software
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2 To 18 GHz Low Noise Amplifier With AGC
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