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07.09.20 -- Best Practices For Maximizing The Performance Of Surface-Mount Filters

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Best Practices For Maximizing The Performance Of Surface-Mount Filters

The Knowles Precision Devices DLI brand of microstrip bandpass filters offers innovative filter topologies yielding excellent performance in a small footprint when fabricated on high DK temp stable ceramic substrate materials. Since customers use surface-mount filters in a wide range of applications, they have designed their devices so they can be used on most RF PCB materials. To ensure our customers achieve optimal performance and are successful with the filters, this article compiles a number of best practices and resources.

The Advantages Of Using Computational Electromagnetics

Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) tools allow for highly complex scenarios (lightning effects, high-intensity radiated fields, cable cross talk, etc.) to be evaluated with a high degree of accuracy. This article discusses the advantages of CEM tools and common challenges of effectively incorporating them into simulations.

Anokiwave: A True Growth Story And Standing Apart From The Noise

The convergence of unprecedented demand for bandwidth and continuing advancements in the silicon industry are driving industry change to. An exciting market like mmWave brings many new entries – so how is Anokiwave differentiating ourselves in the market? 

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Now A Chamber Solution From AR

This video demonstrates AR’s solution for semi-anechoic and RF shielded room needs.

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LTE And 5G NR Propagation In A Suburban Environment Using Wireless InSite 3D Ray Tracing

Penn State University is located in State College, Pennsylvania, a suburban city that contains several LTE sites. This simulation shows the coverage prediction from its existing LTE sites in the downtown area.

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