Newsletter | November 16, 2022

11.16.22 -- Are You Keeping Up With The Demands Of 5G and Wi-Fi 6E?

Handover Test Systems Reach 8 GHz For Wi-Fi 6E And 5G

As manufacturers move to higher frequencies, development and testing of the latest wireless systems/devices require specifically-designed test systems that can emulate a complex environment with a greater mix of device types.

Coaxial Interconnect Vs. OTA Testing For 5G: Which Should You Use?

Successful testing of 5G wireless technology must include over-the-air (OTA) and RF over coax testing. What is most important is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both to determine where and when to use each test approach.

A Day In The Life Of An RF/Microwave Attenuator

Fixed RF attenuators are versatile components that not only provide useful level control features but can be used to enhance the return loss at the input of a mismatched component/device in the signal chain. This article explains how RF fixed attenuators are used for improving the VSWR within the signal chain.

Wi-Fi 6E Passive Components And RF Test Systems

The Wi-Fi 6E standard that was established in 2021 covers a new spectrum in the so-called "6 GHz band." In response, several new products that support testing of the full range of frequencies allotted by Wi-Fi 6E have been introduced.

Testing With Mismatch Terminations

The value of testing with mismatch terminations is significant because high-efficiency amplifiers can be characterized by their ability to drive mismatched loads.

Commercial 8 GHz Solid State RF Switches

JFW has added a line of 50-ohm solid-state RF switches that operate 20 MHz to 8 GHz. These commercially rated models are ideal for constructing low-cost RF testbeds for automated testing. The switches are controlled with TTL control lines. The switches can hot switch up to +26 dBm with typical isolation of 55 dB at 8 GHz.

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