News | April 23, 2013

AR's ‘Cavitenna' RF Antenna Uses The Shielded Room As A Reverberating Antenna

Source: AR

Model ATC25M1G (25 MHz - 1,000 MHz) Makes The Shielded Room Part Of The Radiator

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has long been known for introducing industry "firsts," and the Cavitenna RF antenna is no exception. A top-loaded monopole, the Cavitenna, model ATC25M1G, uses the shielded room as a reverberating antenna, and the wall as the antenna's ground plane. As a result, it accommodates extremely high power and corresponding field intensities, comparable to those of log-periodic antennas four times the size of the Cavitenna.

The advantages of the Cavitenna are more apparent when used in fully automated test configurations. In a mode tuned or mode stirred reverberation chamber, the Cavitenna's value is realized over a wide frequency range. It can be mounted on a wall and not protrude into the test volume like other antennas. The Cavitenna's compact design and high efficiency can even allow some reverberation chambers to extend their usefulness to lower frequencies.

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Source: AR