News | November 27, 2012

AR RF/Microwave Paper On Multi-Tone Testing Accepted At INCEMIC 2012

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Mike Alferman Will Present Paper In Bangalore, India

A paper submitted by Mike Alferman, Pacific Rim Regional Sales Manager for AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation, has been accepted for presentation at INCEMIC 2012.

The paper addresses a new concept that greatly reduces Radiated Immunity testing time. AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has been able to complete RI testing as much as ten times faster by employing multi-tone testing. AR's Multi Star® Multi-Tone Tester uses a patented process that adds additional test frequencies, or tones, for each test period, or dwell time. The more tones that are added, the shorter the test time.

The paper will be presented at India's Society of EMC Engineers' silver jubilee celebration, INCEMIC 2012. The conference, which will be held in Bangalore, India, December 4-7, 2012, provides a forum for academic, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to discuss the latest research in the areas of Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility.

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Source: AR