AR Modular RF To Create Customized Variants Of Its Military Booster Amps

Source: AR

Bothell, WA – The AR Modular RF division of AR Worldwide has announced that it is producing customized versions of its battle-tested line of booster amplifiers for specific military communications applications. The company's KMW2050 (200 watts CW, 225-400 MHz), KMW2030 (125 watts CW, 30-512 MHz) and KMW1020 (10 watts CW, 0.5-512 MHz) booster amps are currently being adapted to customer specifications for use beyond the original scope of the manpack and man-portable marketplace.

In addition to its reputation for producing booster amplifiers and modules that are compact, flexible, and tough enough to withstand the most torturous battle conditions.

Chris Heavens, VP, General Manager of AR Modular RF says the company can customize communications amplifiers in the 30 to 512 MHz range for any applications not currently met by its extensive line of booster amplifiers.

The company supports its products with an unsurpassed global support network and an exclusive "second-to-none, best-in-the-business" warranty.