News | May 21, 2014

AR Is Ready For A High Power Future

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Power Future

Newly Expanded Headquarters Gives AR The Capabilities to Design, Manufacture and Test Amplifiers in Excess of 100 kW

When AR Chairman Donald “Shep” Shepherd founded the company more than 45 years ago, he instinctively knew that the demand for higher power amplifiers would continue to grow. As new and varied electronic devices have emerged through the years, AR has been ahead of the curve, anticipating future needs and ready with state of the art higher-power amplifiers.

Now AR has taken another giant leap in preparation for what Shepherd sees as the future of power amplifiers: The company has expanded its headquarters with new facilities and capabilities that enable AR to design, manufacture and test high-power amplifiers in excess of 100 kW. This aggressive move by AR further strengthens its position as the leader in high power.

Pushing The Power Envelope
“We’ve pushed the power envelope,” Shepherd says “because emerging technologies are creating a greater need for more powerful amplifiers and systems to test new products. With our new space and increased capabilities, AR is uniquely positioned to respond to the future power needs of it customers. And, yes, with these capabilities now in-place, designers and engineers may well be inspired to push their own power envelopes with new, higher-powered designs.”

With the expansion, overall power provided to the AR plant is now 2 Megawatts, which enables AR to build and test extremely powerful amplifiers well in excess of 100,000 watts. This ability will make AR unique for these types of applications and markets..

Microelectronics Lab Also Expanding
In keeping with its commitment to support the need for higher-power and higher frequency amplifiers, AR also expanded its microelectronics lab by over 150%.

Our present hybrid power module based products, such as AR’s 200-watt, 0.7 to 6 GHz amplifier will have increased power capability in the near future, and will require more combined modules for their manufacture. The larger microelectronics laboratory now accommodates higher volume module manufacturing to keep pace with the growth of these outstanding products.

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Source: AR