News | November 20, 2020

AR Expands ā€˜U' Series Amplifiers With 150 Watt And 250 Watt Units

AR RF Microwave Instrumentation has added two amplifiers to its “U” (Universal) Series. The new models,150U1000 (150 watts) and 250U1000A (250 watts) both cover the 10 kHz – 1000 MHz bandwidth, adding even more options to a series of amplifiers with universal applications.

These Class A amplifiers replace the need for multiple amplifiers to cover the same bandwidth and eliminate dual band operation. They are fully mismatched tolerant. Ideal for EMC testing, medical/physics research, and many other applications. These amps are easily transportable or can be integrated into a rack. Consistent with all of AR’s amplifiers, these products are Built to Last.

About AR
For over 50 years, AR has played a major role in the success of the aerospace, military, automotive, medical, and telecom industries. The RF/Microwave Instrumentation division of AR provides Total RF Test Solutions by offering customers RF test instrumentation, RF test systems, EMC test software, and chambers. In addition to the complete array of product solutions, AR brings world class customer service and application support. From calibration and regular maintenance, to troubleshooting and repairs, you can depend on AR’s service and support teams.

Source: AR Inc.