News | February 25, 2008

AR Designs Base Station Amplifier To Support Modern, Complex Waveforms

Source: AR
High-Performance Base Station Amplifier Bothell, WA -- Softronics Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art electronic equipment, approached AR Modular RF to design a replacement for its legacy base station amplifier. AR's ability to provide cost-efficient customized solutions to client requirements fulfilled Softronics' needs and also resulted in two new power amplifiers with a variety of possible applications.

The 100 watt Model KAW4040M13 (225 – 400 MHz) is a high-performance base station amplifier for use with modern modulation schemes. It includes a breakout port that allows the insertion of a tracking filter into the amplifier chain to enhance noise performance above its already high-performance. It is designed for continuous 24/7/365 operation.

The 500 watt KAW4040M13 (225 – 400 MHz) is a high-power version that is a rack-mounted "drop-in replacement" to an existing but unsupported amplifier system. It offers an automatically leveled linear output power of 500 watts with an input power ranging from 10 to 100W. Ethernet remote monitoring & control are available, and it has the option for either single-phase or three-phase primary power. It provides continuous duty operation with a bypass system that operates in the unlikely event of a power supply failure.