News | June 26, 2009

AR Announces All-Inclusive Conducted Immunity Test Kits

Source: AR

In a continuing effort to make testing easier, AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has introduced three all-inclusive accessory kits for RF conducted immunity testing for Bulk Current Injection (BCI) to various IEC, Military, Avionics and Automotive specifications.

Designed as a complement to AR's RF conducted immunity test systems, the three new kits each include attenuators, injection probes, monitor probes, calibration fixtures, calibration resistors, and termination resistors – all the accessories needed to perform BCI testing to various specifications. These accessories are still sold separately as well as in the kits.

The three test kits are:

  • Model TK1000 for IEC applications with test system CI00250
  • Model TK2000 for MIL/DO 160 applications with test system CI00400
  • Model TK3000 for automotive applications with test system CI00401

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