News | August 28, 2012

AR Adds To Our 0.8 - 4.2 GHz Solid-State Amplifier Family

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AR Adds To Our 0.8 - 4.2 GHz Solid-State Amplifier Family

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has expanded its family of S1G4 amplifier series that cover the 0.8 - 4.2 GHz frequency range. Two new models have been added which offer 525 watts and 700 watts of RF power.

Models 525S1G4, and 700S1G4 are both more compact (24U high) than our present subampable 600S1G4A which is 35U high, and more than 40% lighter weight. The non subampable approach reduces extra interfaces and output cable losses on to deliver more output power which in turn results in a more cost effective approach to fill your needs.

Both models utilize state-of -the art circuitry to minimize distortion and improve stability. Each model is equipped with a Digital Control Panel (DCP), which provides both local and remote control of the amplifier. The display provides operational presentation of Forward Power and Reflected Power plus control status and reports of internal amplifier status. Special features include a gain control and RF output level protection.

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