Newsletter | July 22, 2021

07.22.21 -- An Introduction To Programmable Attenuator Systems

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Testing True Performance Of ADCs Using R&S SMA100B Signal Generator

Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) have largely increased in speed and accuracy, allowing high-speed video processing and software defined radio (SDR) applications, where digitization is being performed at ever-higher intermediate frequencies (IF). Standards have been raised regarding ADC test equipment, especially with the analog input signal noise and sample clock sources used in the test setup. 

5 GHz Wi-Fi Coexistence With 5G Cellular For Improved User Experience

The ever-increasing demand for higher data rates and reduced buffering times has driven the continuous evolution of cellular communication and transmission. 5G promises to take performance to levels never seen before, with mounting pressure to deploy 5G handsets faster than any previous cellular standard.

An Introduction To Programmable Attenuator Systems

A programmable or step attenuator is externally controlled with maximum attenuation ranges from 0 dB to 127 dB, in steps as small as 0.1 dB. This app note discusses key components in a programmable attenuator system, as well as the best choices for general applications.

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Webinar: XFdtd’s Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation For TVS Diode ESD Protection

Remcom’s XFdtd empowers ESD engineers to simulate TVS diodes and finalize protection circuitry for their products in the early stages of design. This improves product reliability and lowers cost by reducing the design engineering cycle time. In this webinar, learn how XFdtd's transient EM/circuit co-simulation effectively resolves ESD vulnerabilities earlier in the design process and prevents future certification setbacks.

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Addressing Filtering Challenges In Digital Broadband Receivers For Electronic Warfare Applications

Electronic Warfare receivers are being pushed to operate at higher bandwidths while simultaneously reducing size, weight, and power (SWaP). In this Webinar, we will breakdown how you can address these conflicting demands by diving into the building blocks of the receivers used in electronic warfare applications with a focus on filtering needs and technologies.

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2.4+5-7 GHz edgeBoost BAWplexer: QPQ2456

The QPQ2456 from Qorvo is a high-performance, high power, BAWplexer. This product takes advantage of Qorvo's edgeBoost technologies which deliver extremely steep skirts, while simultaneously exhibiting low loss in the Wi-Fi bands and high near-in rejection. 

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AR Chambers

AR is the exclusive distributor of anechoic chambers, RF shielded enclosures, and antenna test ranges from COMTEST Engineering for North America. The company offers a wide variety of custom-designed predefined chambers. As a single-source provider, AR has integrated solutions for all your EMC and RF testing needs. 

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22 GHz - 42 GHz Output, Active Frequency Multiplier: HMC8342

The HMC8342 is a gallium arsenide (GaAs), monolithic microware integrated circuit (MMIC), ×2 active broadband frequency multiplier. When driven by a 5 dBm signal, the multiplier provides 15 dBm typical output power. 

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Analog Devices
1×256 Blocking RF Switch Matrix

Corry Micronics offers a 1×256 Blocking RF Switch Matrix designed to provide automatic routing and RF microwave signal conditioning between test equipment and the unit under test (UUT) in an RF/microwave ATE system. 1×256 Blocking RF Switch Matrices are ideal for applications that involve the testing and measurement of multiple RF components.

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