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07.18.19 -- Alleviating RF Transmit Signal Corruption In Wireless Data Systems

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A 5G, 60 GHz Antenna Array For Use With Millimeter-Wave Wireless Virtual Reality Headsets
By Remcom

This example demonstrates an antenna array for 5G 60 GHz applications of wireless communication for wearable devices such as virtual reality headsets. The antenna design for this example is from the paper by Hong and Choi of Hanyang University. The array is composed of four elements which each have two patches and a parasitic element. The parasitic element aids in producing a wider beam in one dimension to give better coverage. The beams may be steered by varying the phase shift between elements to provide near hemispherical coverage.

Alleviating RF Transmit Signal Corruption In Wireless Data Systems
White Paper | Guerrilla RF

High-speed wireless data systems can experience RF transmit signal corruption that limites the power level a wireless data device can put out at its antenna. To achieve the best possible range coverage area, one needs to maximize RF transmit power. 

Connecting The World With 5G: Qorvo Highlights The Essentials
Application Note | Qorvo

5G is more than low-band front-end modules and switches. Qorvo has all the core RF technologies to fully address and enable 5G — from wireless infrastructure to mobile devices to Gallium Nitride (GaN) technologies to make them happen. Qorvo partners with carriers and standards bodies to bring the vision to life.

Optimize Beamforming: From Bits To RF Beams
Application Note | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Radar, satellite communications, and 5G NR use advanced antenna systems (AAS) with phased array antennas for beamforming. Hybrid beamforming combines the flexibility of digital beamforming with the efficiency of analog beamforming. Increasing integration enables compact and cost-efficient AAS. To achieve accurate, reliable and efficient beamforming, it is necessary to understand and compensate for the nonlinear behavior of RF components.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) For IoT, Cellular And Other Wireless Applications
Application Note | AR

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are used to provide strong and reliable wireless connectivity in location where connectivity is a problem with standard wireless routers or cellular connectivity. This app note discusses the use of DAS for IoT, cellular and other wireless applications.

Duplex, Duplexer, Diplexer?
Article | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

One of the things all technical disciplines excel at is creating terminology that can trip up those who are not accustomed to speaking the language every day. This article takes the words “duplex,” “duplexer,” and “diplexer,” and defines their vastly different meanings.

3 Series MDO Spectrum Analyzer Vs. Oscilloscope FFT Comparison
White Paper | Tektronix

Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes have built-in spectrum analyzers with an RF input that is ideal for significantly higher dynamic ranges than an oscilloscope using a regular input and an FFT function. This download compares the performance of the 3 Series MDO's built-in spectrum analyzer to common oscilloscope FFT performance.

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Sky5 LiTE Front-End Platform Video

The Sky5 LiTE is a front-end platform focused on the optimal balance of performance and cost for a more regionally optimized solution.

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Millimeter-Wave Filtering For 5G Applications

Tim Brauner of Knowles Precision Devices (DLI) introduces their Ka-band frequency filters, and other custom designs to help solve these filtering challenges.