AEC-Q101 Automotive Qualified PIN, Schottky and Varactor Diodes

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

PIN, Schottky, And Varactor Diodes For Automotive Applications

Skyworks presents a range of PIN, Schottky, and varactor diode solutions to provide consumers with greater connectivity and enhanced safety for a variety of automotive and transportation infrastructure systems. This portfolio of  AEC-Q101 qualified products is ideal for infotainment, remote keyless entry, telematics/cellular, garage door opener, toll tag transponder, vehicle tracking, navigation, collision avoidance, and radar applications.

PIN Diodes

Skyworks’ PIN diodes are ideal building blocks for many forms of RF switches. These diodes are available in very low capacitance variations for high isolation switches, or in high power, low-series-resistance variations for shunt configurations in applications up to 100 W.

Schottky Diodes

The new Schottky diodes are ideal for use in detector and mixer functions operating in the 10 MHz to 100 GHz frequency range.

Varactor Diodes

Skyworks’ varactor diodes are optimal for use as electrical tuning elements in voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), voltage-variable analog phase shifters, and voltage tuned filters (VTFs). Available models include abrupt junction tuning varactors, and hyperabrupt junction varactors.

For more information on the many types of diodes that Skyworks has to offer, as well as additional features and model specific applications, download the brochure.