Newsletter | March 26, 2020

03.26.20 -- A New Generation Of 5G Filter Technology

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A New Generation Of 5G Filter Technology
By Qorvo

5G implementation is accelerating worldwide, creating new challenges for wireless technology in mobile devices. As these trends increase, space available for the RF front end (RFFE) is shrinking, which means filters must also become smaller and more highly integrated. RF filters also need to handle higher power to maintain adequate design margins and maximize handset operating range. Bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters are evolving to address these challenges, along with other approaches such as antenna routing and antenna tuning.

DLI's Evolution To 5G Passive RF Components
Brochure | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

DLI has over 40 years of experience in ceramic and thin film manufacturing with high permittivity and temperature stable dielectric materials that allow for smaller products and higher selectivity in filtering applications. 

Simulating Performance Of A Low Cost, Chipless RFID System In XFdtd
Application Note | Remcom

This example uses XFdtd to simulate the performance of a low cost, chipless RFID system in order to validate its performance for use in situations where high volume usage requires very low-cost components.

Simplify Coexistence And Interference Testing For GNSS Receivers
Case Study | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

The R&S®SMW200A GNSS simulator offers an easy and convenient way to test your receiver design against a wide variety of potential interferers and jammers. Test cases extend from simple coexistence simulations to complex interference scenarios with localized emitters.

Solutions To Simplify 5G Phased Array Design In Xfdtd
Webinar | Remcom

The new release of XFdtd introduces features to effectively design antenna arrays for 5G and mmWave wireless applications. Attend this webinar to learn about XF’s new superposition and array optimization techniques to combine steady state results from a single FDTD simulation for beamforming and beam steering applications.

Featured Multimedia
Podcast: SOSA, Tri-Service Demo, AI And Signal Processing

Open architecture initiatives such as the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) effort are showing tremendous momentum at the start of 2020. In this podcast, Pentek discusses these initiatives, their benefits, the business model roadblocks at the prime contractor level, as well as specifics from the demo including the Department of Defense keynote speakers. 

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Qorvo Second Edition 5G RF For Dummies® E-Book

The next edition of Qorvo’s 5G RF For Dummies® has arrived. What’s happening with 5G rollouts, what is just on the horizon and what advancements does the future hold? We are here to help you learn all you need to know about 5G. Download the E-Book today.