30 – 3000 MHz 8-Port Transceiver Test System: 50PMA-044

Source: JFW Industries, Inc.

JFW’s Model 50PMA-044 is an 8-port transceiver designed to operate from 30 MHz to 3 GHz in a 19” rack mount enclosure. These systems can be used to simulate static or dynamic environments for testing radio to radio communication.

The 50PMA-044 test system features 28 paths in the 8-port mesh and every path has its own individually controlled programmable attenuator. The attenuators have attenuation range 0 – 95 x 1 dB steps. All paths between radios have their own individually controlled step attenuator and the signal level between radios can be changed up/down over the full attenuation range of the step attenuators. The transceiver test system can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet connection or a serial connection.

For additional features, specifications, and diagrams, download the available datasheet and drawing.