Newsletter | July 14, 2022

07.14.22 -- 5G NR V2X For Enhanced Automotive Communications

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Impedance Matching Techniques For Antennas

Although antennas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they have one thing in common: they need to have impedance matching enforced at the end of the feedline to ensure maximum power transfer into the load. Impedance matching circuits are rather simple; they act like filters that ensure an antenna’s feedline impedance matches the input impedance at the input port of the antenna. 

How Multi-Standard IoT Communications Are Enabled By ConcurrentConnect Technology

The proliferation of IoT devices and communication protocols in a smart home network has created a difficult challenge for engineers and network architects. Here are excerpts from our video demonstrating Qorvo's ConcurrentConnect™ technology work on the QPG6100 – a smart home communications controller that improves connection speed among wireless devices in the home environment.

Continuing The Investment In Surface-Mount EMI Filters

Many electronic component manufacturers are now focusing production efforts on high-volume commodity applications. As their specialty component production equipment ages, numerous companies are electing to divest in this type of production.

Assessing 5G Radar Altimeter Interference For Realistic Instrument Landing System Approaches

In this whitepaper we use Remcom’s Wireless InSite 3D Wireless Prediction Software to simulate the level of interference received at the radar altimeter input port of a landing aircraft due to emissions from 5G base stations which are in the vicinity of the approach to runway 27L at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. 

How To Solve The Three Most Common SiC Issues In Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent a radical shift from the internal combustion engines (ICE) that have dominated vehicle sales for nearly a century, and manufacturers are hunting for disruptive technology to make their EVs stand out.

Hybrid Beamforming Receiver Dynamic Range Theory To Practice

A commercially available 32-channel development platform is used to validate the analysis with measurements. This article covers the following comparison of measurements vs. analysis for receiver dynamic range metrics in a phased array hybrid beamforming architecture.

Multi-Tone Test Systems Makes RF Radiated Immunity Testing Faster And Versatile

AR’s state-of-the-art multi-tone systems are designed to test RF Radiated and Conducted Immunity faster than ever before. Both the MT2IEC10V3M and MT4IEC10V3M fully comply with IEC 61000-4-3:2020 Edition 4, allowing for multiple tone testing, reducing test time by up to 74%.

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Webinar: Using MLCCs For Wireless Resonant Circuits

To ensure the efficiency and reliability of high-power wireless charging applications such as electric vehicle charging stations, wireless power transfer circuits need stable, high-capacitance, high-voltage capacitors to serve as the tank capacitor in the LC resonant circuit.

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Video: The Basics Of Video Bandwidth And Rise Time

Video bandwidth (VBW) and rise time are essential parameters for accurate power measurements and waveform analysis. Boonton has test equipment with leading VBW and rise time capabilities, such as the RTP5000 Series real-time USB peak power sensor with up to 195 MHz of VBW and rise times as fast as 3 nanoseconds.

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Ultra-Broadband Gain Block: GRF3016

The GRF3016 is a broadband gain block designed to provide flat gain over an exceptionally wide band of near DC to 10GHz. The device can be operated down to low frequency via the selection of suitably large input/output caps and bias inductor.

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Guerrilla RF
20 MHz - 18 GHz Preamplifier: PAM-0118P

The PAM-0118P is a preamplifier designed to operate in the 20 MHz to 18 GHz frequency range, and increase system sensibility by at least 37 dB. This device has a rugged compact design for measuring applications in the EMC lab or out in the field for general RFI testing. Other features include a 3 dB noise figure, 6 dBm output power at 1 dB compression, and N-type female connectors. 

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A.H. Systems
Wilkinson Power Divider Models With 2.92 mm Connectors Covering 6 - 40 GHz

JFW introduces three new models of reactive Wilkinson type power divider/combiners. These power dividers/combiners are designed to cover the 6 GHz – 40 GHz frequency range and feature 2.92 mm female connectors in 2-way, 4-way, or 8-way configurations.

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JFW Industries, Inc.