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05.11.22 -- 5 Key Filter Specifications To Understand



Striking A Balance For Spectrum Needs: 5G Communications Vs. Aircraft Altimeter Operations

At this point, you’ve likely seen a slew of mainstream news articles about 5G causing safety concerns around air travel. But just how likely is it that 5G signals in the C band will interfere with airplane altimeters? The answer to this question is proving to be complicated for the telecommunications and avionics industries as well as their respective regulatory bodies to determine.

Expanding Filter Technology Offerings For Low-Frequency Applications

Knowles' acquisition of IMC has allowed an expansion of offerings to serve applications operating in the lower portion of the frequency range from the VHF to the L-band. Combining the two companies has made offering a wide range of high-performance ceramic, cavity, planar microstrip, and substrate integrated waveguide filter technologies possible.

Filter Basics Series: Designing Basic Filter Circuits

While filtering can become quite complex as operating frequencies increase, it can be made much less daunting by having an understanding of how basic filters are built using standard electrical components such as resistors (Rs), capacitors (Cs), and inductors (Ls). Learn how RF designers can use the different frequency dependencies of capacitors and inductors to manipulate impedance and create various filter responses.

Filter Basics Series: 5 Key Filter Specifications To Understand

To select the ideal filter for your application, you first need to understand how to define your filtering requirements, as these requirements will ultimately determine the specifications of your filter. This article explores five of the most commonly discussed filter technology specifications to help simplify filter selection.

Experimenting With Open Source RF Analysis Tools

Instead of asking an RF design engineer with the software license and experience to run an analysis every time you want to try something out, there are a number of free open source tools that make great options for non-design engineers to use for experimenting with filters and plotting data.

Microwave Products Catalog

As a specialty components manufacturer, Knowles Precision Devices chooses to take on the complex challenges that come with high-reliability, high-temperature, high-performance, and high-frequency solutions. The Knowles Precision Devices DLI brand of technologies addresses the complex challenges of implementing high-performance mmWave filters.

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