40MHz to 1008MHz GaAs Amplifier: RFCA3302

Source: RFMD

This GaAs Amplifier operates in the 40 MHz to 1008 MHz frequency range. It features high gain (21dB), high linearity, and low distortion (38dBm IP3, -65dBc CSO, -83dBc CTB) making it ideal for applications involving broadband cable, CATV distribution, drop amplifiers, and more.

The RFCA3302 40MHz to 1008MHz GaAs Amplifier comes in a small SOT-89 package and is designed to run from a single 5V supply without the need for an external dropping resistor. A bias circuit has been integrated in order to provide stable gain over variations in temperature and process. This amplifier is RoHS compliant.

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40MHz to 1008MHz GaAs Amplifier: RFCA3302 Datasheet