2000-2230 MHz Variable Gain Amplifier: SKY65187-11

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
2000-2230 MHz Variable Gain Amplifier: SKY65187-11

The SKY65187-11 is a high linearity, variable gain amplifier module optimized for superior ACLR performance with WCDMA signals. The amplifier is composed of an input low-noise amplifier, a variable voltage attenuator, and an output power amplifier. It's high linearity, and high efficiency make it ideal for use at the final stage of a WCDMA transmit chain.

The SKY65187-11 is designed to utilize low-cost Surface Mount Technology in the form of a compact, 8 x 8 mm 12-pin Multi-Chip Module (MCM). This enables an internally matched, highly-manufacturable, low-cost variable gain solution.

For more features, specifications, and performance graphs, download the datasheet.