Product Showcase

  1. GaAs Non-Reflective Switch: ISO13316

    The ISO13316 is a non-reflective, low-loss GaAs pHEMT switch from Skyworks. This high-performance switch covers the DC to 6 GHz wideband frequency range, utilizes hermetic surface-mount technology, and performs with 45 dB isolation at 2 GHz and low loss of 1.1 dB at 6 GHz.

  2. RF Diodes For Broadband Applications

    Skyworks Solutions offers a select group of their most popular PIN, limiter, Schottky, and tuning varactor diodes that are designed to meet demanding applications, and are available to ship from stock for prototype or high-volume production.

  3. Variable Attenuators for Broad Market Wireless Applications

    Skywork’s new series of voltage-controlled variable attenuators (VVAs) are optimized for use as low distortion, analog attenuators. The SKY12232-21, SKY12233-11, SKY12235-11 and SKY12236-11 cover operation ranges from 1.45 to 5.0 GHz, and have a range of control voltages from 0 to 5.0 V.

  4. Wide Band Microwave Horn Antenna: ATH800M6G

    The ATH800M6G is a microwave horn antenna that provides high intensity fields necessary for RFI/EMI field testing both within and beyond the confines of a shielded room. With a wide operation frequency of up to 6 GHz, and a minimum gain of 10 dBi, the antenna is ideally suited for use with amplifiers within the 0.8-6 GHz frequency range.

  5. Configurable Power Divider: 50PDA-150-XX

    JFW’s introduces the 50PDA-150-XX Configurable Power Divider as a new approach to laboratory power divider assemblies. This power divider is able to hold up to 14 different power modules of varying configurations, frequency ranges, and connector types. Features include a frequency range of 698-3000 MHz, a 5 Watt RF input power, and SMA female connectors.

  6. 3-Channel LOW PIM Attenuator

    Corry Micronics’ 3 channel, LOW PIM attenuator covers the 400 to 3000 MHz frequency range and has been specifically designed for major mobile access carriers who are attempting to measure or monitor passive intermodulation distortion/interference in communications systems.

  7. GaAs SP4T Switch: SKY 13322-375LF

    The SKY 13322-375LF is a 20 MHz-6.0 Ghz four-throw (SP4T) switch with a single-pole, and comes in a compact, 2 x 3 mm, 10-pin exposed pad plastic Micro Leadframe Package Dual (MLPD) package.

  8. Narrow-Band Notch Ceramic Based Filters

    The compact Narrow-Band Notch Ceramic Based Filters feature a frequency range from 500 MHz to 3.0 GHz, and are custom designed to achieve notch specification requirement. These ceramic based filters are now available with higher Q materials, superior depth, and tape and reel packaging.

  9. Notch/Band Reject Filter

    The Notch/Band Reject Filter is built for applications between 300 MHz and 6 GHz, and comes with the option of custom designs and connectors. Features for the notch filters include a rack or surface mount, high frequency stability, high-Q ceramic, and field replaceability.

  10. High Frequency Ceramic Filter

    The new high frequency ceramic filters are available in surface mount technology, and are designed with excellent matching for 50Ω communication systems where space and weight are critical design criteria.

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