Newsletter | April 3, 2014

04.03.14 -- The Proper Use Of Field Analyzers At Lower Frequencies

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The Proper Use Of Field Analyzers At Lower Frequencies
Most RF field probes are designed to measure only the root mean square of a continuous wave electric field over a broad range of frequencies and amplitudes. This is not the case for the AR Field Analyzer which contains an embedded web-page that has the ability to measure CW and Modulated electric field using an oscilloscope-type display. This article provides some background information on the development of field analyzers and how they meet a growing need in system test.
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Attenuators Composite
Corry Micronics offers a line of 4-bit through 6-bit RF digital attenuators designed using switched bit PIN diodes. The attenuators require a +/-5volt power supply and feature TTL compatible control logic.
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Resistive Power Dividers And Combiners
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Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link
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GaAs pHEMT Two-Bit Attenuator
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