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07.24.14 -- Future Oscillators May Depend On Lasers Not Quartz

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12,500 Watt 10 kHz To 225 MHz  Solid State Amplifier   12,500 Watt 10 kHz To 225 MHz Solid State Amplifier
AR’s 12500A225 RF solid state CW amplifier is the industry standard for radiated immunity testing for entire automobiles, producing 12,500 watts over the instantaneous 10kHz to 225 MHZ frequency band with harmonic distortion better than 20 dBc. Special features include a gain control, internal automatic level control (ALC) and RF output level protection. For more information, visit
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Envelope Tracking And Digital Pre-Distortion Test Solution For RF Amplifiers
By Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
An increasing number of power amplifiers (PA) support envelope tracking (ET) technology in order to reduce power consumption and improve efficiency. ET requires an additional generator to provide the envelope signal for the DC supply modulator. This application note introduces a test solution for characterizing PAs with ET using just a vector signal generator and a signal and spectrum analyzer, providing corresponding details and measurement examples.
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Dielectric Loaded Cavity Bandpass Filter Datasheet
Dielectric loaded filters offer unsurpassed selectivity, small size, low insertion loss, and the best temperature stability available in a cavity type filter. These filters are increasing important as the number of channels have increased requiring more selective narrow pass band filters.
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Variable Gain GPS Line Amplifier
Variable Gain GPS Line Amplifier
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Radiant Arrow Antenna
Radiant Arrow Antenna
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Hexagonal Ferrites
Hexagonal Ferrites
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