News | December 12, 2013

Fully-Integrated Surface-Mount 3-Stage Power Amplifier Targets 3G And 4G Systems

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Mouser has announced it now stocks the TriQuint TGA2450-SM power amplifier module, a fully-integrated surface-mount 3-stage device designed for 3G and 4G small cell base station applications with 1W RMS at the antenna.

Featuring a 20-Pin 20mm x 20mm plastic package, the compact 50ohm module is smaller than traditional discrete component solutions and requires minimal external components. The design incorporates a Doherty final stage to achieve high power added efficiency of 35% for the entire module at 2.5W average power. TGA2450-SM supports multi-mode and multicarrier signals. The module includes InGaP/GaAs HBT device technology to provide a combination of high-efficiency and DPD-compatibility for applications such as 3G/4G wireless infrastructure, linearized transmitters, W-CDMA/ LTE/ CDMA and heterogeneous networks.

SOURCE: Mouser