Newsletter | March 6, 2014

03.06.14 -- Battery-Free Sensor Brings Gesture Recognition To Wireless Devices

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Pushing Software Radio Closer To The Antenna
By Pentek, Inc.
New technologies offer engineers of SDR (software-defined radio) systems diverse opportunities to perform digital-signal processing much closer to the antenna than ever before. Strategies for doing so include the latest wideband data converters, monolithic receiver chips, compact RF tuners, and remote receiver modules using gigabit serial interfaces. Each approach presents benefits and tradeoffs that must be considered in choosing the optimal solution for a given application.
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Safe-Guard RF Switch Datasheet
This RF switch has been designed to attenuate the RF transmit signals up to 12 dB or to a reduced power level of 6.3 percent of the original power.
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6 GHz Low-Cost, Hex Body, Fixed Attenuator
6 GHz Low-Cost, Hex Body, Fixed Attenuator
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JFW Industries, Inc.
L1/L2 Portable Re-Radiating Kit
L1/L2 Portable Re-Radiating Kit
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GPS Networking
Low Noise Step-Down Converter
Low Noise Step-Down Converter
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.