News | November 20, 2013

Abracon Releases The AMCA Series Of High Performance, Multilayer Chip Antennas In Six Different Sizes In Low Profile Packaging

Abracon AMCA Chip Antennas

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRWEB) - A globally preferred, leading supplier of frequency control, magnetic and RF components, Abracon Corporation introduces its new range of chip antennas comprising the AMCA31, AMCA52, AMCA62, AMCA72, AMCA81 and AMCA92 series.

“In line with its pursuit of high technology products, Abracon has launched its 3.2x1.6mm, 5.2x2.1mm, 6.0x2.0mm, 7.0x2.0mm, 8.0x1.0mm and 9.0x2.0mm multilayer ceramic packaged chip antennas,” explains Dean Clark, Senior Technical Manager at Abracon Corporation. “These solutions provide a low cost, low profile, high performance option for wireless equipment, smart phone and WLAN manufacturers working in the 2275MHz to 3110MHz frequency range.”

The AMCA series of chip antennas offers peak gains from +3dBi to 0.5dBi with bandwidths from 90MHz to 200MHz, depending on the antenna dimensions. The employed multilayer technology provides a very low profile (1.0 ~ 1.2mm) and lightweight range of chip antennas, suitable for space-constrained applications. This varied range of package offerings enables designers to exploit excellent gain and directivity performance, dependent on the package size.

The AMCA devices are designed for applications covering ISM bands, WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee at 2.4GHz, China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) at 2635 to 2660MHz, and other IMT bands (2.3 ~ 2.4GHz and 2.5 ~ 2.69GHz) used by WLAN.

The AMCA antennas also cover portions of the WiMax (IEEE-802.16) bands that operate globally between 2 to 11GHz (3.5GHz in Europe) for Fixed WiMax and 2 to 6GHz for Mobile WiMax, in addition to several LTE TDD bands.

These antennas offer a VSWR of <2:1 across the entire operating range, and are designed to match into 50 ohms on the end-application PCB. Matching is achieved using capacitors and/or inductors via a simple π-type circuit, extending greater flexibility to system designers.

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