Surface-Mount PIN Diodes
Surface-Mount PIN Diodes
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. has introduced new PIN diodes in an industry standard 0402 packaging technology for handset, WLAN, CATV Satcom, land mobile radios, infrastructure, T/R and switching applications. These new PIN diodes provide designers with a small form factor, low-profile and low inductance, all in a plastic surface mount technology (SMT) package. Additional benefits include low capacitance, resistance and thermal impedance.
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  • What Is SHaaS? And Why Should You Care?

    Comcast released the results of a survey from earlier this year providing valuable insights into why consumers are interested in smart home services, what features are most desired, and how they plan to use smart home technologies. The biggest find of the survey is that consumers are more interested in a smart home as a service (SHaaS) over connected devices that remotely control devices in the home. This application note discusses SHaaS, its components, and how it works.

  • Energy Efficiency In The Telecommunications Network

    The telecommunications sector accounts for roughly 4 percent of the global electricity consumption. However, the sector is actively participating in efforts to reduce energy use – both for economic reasons, such as reducing operating expenses, and for environmental reasons.

  • LTE Location Based Services Technology Introduction

    Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based solutions are highly accurate in most cases, but there are circumstances where they are not as effective, such as in dense urban environments with reduced satellite visibility or indoor areas with low signal levels. LTE Location Based Services (LBS) are designed to determine where a device is located to assist in its effectiveness. This Rohde & Schwarz white paper describes limitations of GNSS systems, as well as LTE cellular based alternatives within 3GPP Release 9.

  • CW Operation Of QFN-Packaged Pulsed GaN Power Amplifiers

    Improvements have been made to GaN amplifiers at microwave frequencies that have increased their generated output power levels while also shrinking the size of the system. These developments, however, present the challenge of providing sufficient thermal management. This Qorvo® application note discusses the thermal issues involved with using high-powered, small packaged (e.g. QFN) GaN amplifiers within high power CW systems. Download the full paper for considerations on component mounting in order to provide a low thermal impedance path to the system heat sink for optimum operation and reliability, using the TGA2307-SM as an example.

  • Using High-Power Solid State Amplifiers For EMC Radiated Susceptibility Testing

    For many years, TWTA technology has been the only option for pulsed field generation within high field-strength EMC radiated susceptibility testing. AR now offers high-power solid state pulsed amplifiers as a very attractive alternative to this technology. These SP-series amplifiers include various frequency ranges and output power levels capable of meeting several standards. This application note discusses key features and benefits of this new line of solid state pulsed amplifiers, and how they are optimized for use in applications such as EMC radiated susceptibility testing.

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